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Kulpe Farm House
Direct Access to Akshi beach
What You see In Alibag   Akshi Beach Akshi beach is direct attach to beach. The major attractions are cypress grove, sandy and beautiful beach. Maharashtra Shasan develops this beach for tourist. The best season to visit this beach is October to May. Visit this attractive beach.    Nagaon Beach Get down at Nagoan office about 2 Km from Kulpe farm house on Alibag-Rewdanda way. The beach is generally 2-2 1/2 Km from this office. The beach is also known as Satad beach. The major attractions are cypress grove, sandy and beautiful beach. Maharashtra Shasan develops this beach for tourist.   Kashid Beach The famous  Kashid beach is just 15 Km from Kulpe farm house. and generally 18 Km at north from Murud. The specialty of this beach is the beautiful slivery white sand. It is sandy, clean and beautiful beach.  When you visit this beach you should remember the Goa beach. Most of the foreign tourist attract of the beach.  At weekend most of the tourist enjoy sea bath on the beach. The beach is popular for shooting of T. V. serials, Modeling, Cinemas.     Kihim beach Kihim beach is around 9 km from Alibag. It is symbol of natural beauty. Get down at Chondhi-Kihim Phata on Alibag-Rewas road. The road of Kihim beach is goes from Kihim gaon which is at west from Phata. Major attractions are fresh air, pollution free atmosphere, gardens of cypress, coconut and palm trees. The natural seen are major attractions for photography. You can enjoy Indian cuisine in Kihim goan.  Saswane Beach  Saswane beach is 16 Km from Alibag. The number one attraction of Saswane is total peace and quiet. You can simply relax. Visit the beach at once. In saswane village Another attraction is the bunglow of famous sculptor Late Mr. Karmarkar Sculpture Museum. Over 150 intricately crafted sculptures designed by internationally acclaimed sculptor Late  Nanasaheb Karmarkar are on display in this museum. Some of  the sculptures like ‘Shepherd Boy’, ‘Mother & Child’ etc are so lifelike that you will be bewildered by the craftsmanship in them.   Alibag beach Alibag beach is approximately one Kilometer at west from Alibag S.T. Depot. It is generally 4-5 Km lengthy sandy beach. You can go to the beach by Maruti Naka where the road is clean and fresh air-conditioned. In the way you can see the most important places like Raigad Zillha Parishad (R.Z.P.),Civil Hospital, Main Post Office, Public Library, Krida Bhuvan Ground etc. You can hire an auto. The major attractions of the beach are fresh air, sandy beach, sight of the Kulaba Fort, Cypress and Coconut trees. You can enjoy Coconut water, Ice-cream, Bhel-puri, Alu-bada which is special dish of Alibag. Pollution free atmosphere is specialty of Alibag. The beach resort where you can enjoy vegsetarian as well as non-vegetarian, Chinese and Indian cuisine.As there is no pollution, the beach is famous as a good tourist spot in Alibag. The best season to visit it is from October to May. Even most tourist are often visit to Alibag beach but there is no pollution, this reason the beach is famous as good tourist spot in Alibag. The best season to visit it is from October to May.  Mandawa Port /Beach The beach is approximately 19 Km from Alibag S.T.each is also known as "Picnic Point". Bungalows and Farmhouse of Depot. On Alibag-Rewas road get down at Mandawa phata. The b rich popular people are attraction of the beach. The most popular Hindi Cinemas shots are taken on the beach. On Mandawa jetty strands P.N.P.services Katmaran, Maldar Katmaran, Ajantha Katmaran and also Launch of Ajantha Launch service, Alsiddik Motor Launch services which is coming from Mumbai.    Forts:  Kulaba fort  Kulaba fort was built by Maratha Chhatrapati (King) Shivaji in 1680. The fort is just half kilometer from beach. The length is 900 ft., width is about 350 ft., height is 25 ft. of the fort. Kulaba the name of district is declared by the name of Kulaba fort.  Kulaba Fort is an old military fortification in India. It is situated in the sea at a distance of 1-2 km from the shores of Alibag in the Konkan region of Maharashtra, It has two gates: one shoreside and the other seaside. An interesting feature of this fort is that it was a freshwater well inside, even though it is a seaside fort. In the autumn, it can be reached by wading through waist-deep water at low tide, however, at high tide, boats must be used to reach it. The two big doors at front side and from seas backside for entering in main part of fort. At Eastern door is known as Mahadarwaja (door), and at southern door is known as Darya/Yashwant/Dhakata darwaja. The Ganesh Temple (Mandir) is in the fort. The length is 20 meter, width is 6 meter and 15 meter of this popular Ganesh Temple. The most people visit this temple at Ganesh Jayanti.  The two cannon in good situation are present on this historical fort.   Janjira Fort Murud The historical Janjira fort is just 5 Km from Murud at Rajpuri. The fort is located in Rajpuri creek. There are boats of 'Janjira Parytak sahakari sanstha maryadit Rajpuri' for going on the fort. Major attractions of Janjira fort are Kalalbangadi, Chawari, and Landa Kasam which are the name of cannon. Darya darwaja which is the name of door at west side of fort. Janjira fort is called as Medhokot at that time. The fort was built in between 1567-1571 by Burhankhan and called as 'Kille Maharub  Kankeshwar Temple 13 Kms from Alibag in Northeast direction is this very famous Shiv temple on a 900 ft. high hill. Its' a 5000 ft. long climb on well paved stairs, which takes around one hour landmarks along the route are tombs of MohanGiri and Balgiri, Nagoba Rest, Jambhali Plateau, God's stair, Gaymandi etc. The fatigue of the uphill climb vanishes the moment one enters the scenic temple premises. It comprises various small temples of Sri Paleshwar, Sri Hanuman, Sri Balram Krishna and Lord Shiv.